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December 2, 2011


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Thought I'd make a little quiz for those who are into tickling. Of course, neutral parties are more than welcome to to join in, it's always interesting. =P

EDIT: Guess it's time to add my own answers now. =P

1) What got you into tickling in the first place?

Definitely getting tickled by my older siblings at a young age - they would tickle me constantly while I grew up. I sometimes would get back at them. I also had friends during my childhood that would play tickling games occasionally, it was a fun thing to do. Eventually, my interest for tickling grew when I started seeing tickle scenes pop up in cartoons. Gummi Bears, Talespin and TMNT were the prime factors of this. And when the internet started to become popular, I actively started searching for the topic, especially cartoon tickles (because I found the concept so utterly adorable, ie. Pokemon). This led me to sites like Kyle Dragon's, Ximon's, some of the Yahoo groups (including Seraphon's old group)... then eventually DA. This is where I met other people who shared my own interest, the first time that showed me I was not alone. In fact, it seems more commonplace than I first thought! Also, having a relationship with a woman who shared the same interest was a bonus.

2) What do you like and hate about tickling?

I like the playful aspect of tickling the most - it brings laughter and depending on the situation, it is lots of fun to participate in. I like the fact that something so innocuous and simple such as wriggling fingers over skin reduces someone to giggling hysterics, there's always something very humorous about that. If there's a positive reaction from the ticklee, then that positive reaction is absorbed by the tickler because it is true when they say that laughter is contagious. Tickling brings stress levels down too, but that entirely depends if the person has a playful personality. Trying to cheer up a grouchy personality that way would most likely result in more anger.

What I hate the most about tickling is when it is inappropriately used, or viewed in the wrong context. It can be sexualised to the point that any mention of it seems abnormal or creepy. I see a lot of art where tickling is used in a pornographic nature, with no mature tag... which I think is a big mistake from the owner's part because it makes something relatively innocent into something dirty/sexual/kinky. People who aren't really informed about the tickle fetish can misinterpret it quite easily. I can understand that tickling has a place in foreplay (been there myself), but just because someone has an interest in tickling does not mean it is purely sexual. To be really honest, I am not a big fan of "tickle porn" because I do not see most tickling in that light. It mixes up with fun childhood experiences with friends, those two ends of the spectrum should never mix. Which is why "porn tickling", at least for me, is reserved in RL actions with a significant other.

3) Are you ticklish?

That's a definite yes.

a) If yes, whereabouts?

My feet, belly, sides, ribs and back - in that order of ticklishness. I am not ticklish anywhere else. My arches especially drives me crazy, tickle me there and perhaps the ball of my foot too, I'd probably start crying in laughter in no time. I'd say I'm durable and can hold it in for a while, but it's quite hard. It's actually been a while since I was last tickled IRL, so the durability might differ.

b) If no, do you envy ticklishness?

Hypothetically if I wasn't ticklish, then yes I would envy it, because I'd be missing out on an experience that relishes on curiosity, adventure and the inducing of deep laughter. I like having to laugh, this is just simply one of the outlets. It is quite rare to see an unticklish person - usually if they claim to be that, they're either lying through their teeth, are unsure where they are or are in very specific spots (usually that means not in the traditional places, but somewhere strange like the forehead). Generally non-ticklish people can be, but are just extremely good at holding it in. One doesn't have to laugh to be ticklish. Also, mood can play a big factor - I've seen people not respond to tickling at all in a neutral or poor mood only to laugh their lungs out when they're a little more loose/happy. Additionally, it can also depend on the person tickling them. If a stranger tried tickling me, I'd freak right the fuck out... would be going defensive then. With a relative? My mental defences would drop because there's no potential danger.

It's also worth noting that the method might be the difference - for example, some people will spaz out all the lightest tickle, but not give a giggle with a heavy one.

4) Who would you like to tickle the most (this can be a fictional character or a real life person)?

There's a actually a few RL people from here who I'd like to tickle the shit out of (not going to mention names) who'd also like to have that happen to them. Mainly out of curiosity because they either don't know if  they're ticklish or don't really have anyone to share that interest with them. My most preferred tickle target is still Charmander... because the cuteness of it would have me melt into a puddle if its fire doesn't do it first.

5) Where is your favourite place to tickle?

The feet/paws.

a) Why?

Because they are usually the most ticklish spot on the body, having many nerve endings. They also generate the best reactions - which generally involve the whole body too if ticklish enough. There are many muscles on the sole of the foot, so you'd see every little twitch, every curl and flexing of the toes. You can armlock them, too. Not to mention that their sudden vulnerability makes it more special, because feet are either hidden in footwear or planted on the ground - kicking legs makes it harder, than say, a tickle to the ribs. So I would say that to tickle feet is perhaps the gold medal of tickling due to their difficulty of access, their general sensitivity and general reflexes when tickled which makes them so fun. Besides, paws are absolutely adorable... I'm sure many people even not into tickling had an inclination to tickle exposed paws at one point.

b) What would be your tickling tool of choice?

My fingers. Tools like toothbrushes are good, but with fingers... you can make a better sense of the ticklee's weak spots because you can actually feel them. You have more control over your fingers in terms of direction and speed - they are more precise than something like a paintbrush unless you wanted to work in a very small area like in between the toes.

6) What is the most ticklish implement you can think of?

I'd say something with a very small surface area that can dig in... like a fork or a pen. That is because you are using more pressure at specific points, rather than diffuse, broad pressure. Sometimes nerve endings are a little deeper than usual.

7) Does your interest in tickling extend to RL?

Yep. I've tickled my friends, siblings, nieces, and girlfriends IRL. Horsing around with people who have a playful attitude is fun.

8) Which Pokemon do you think is most ticklish, Charmander or Pikachu?

It might surprise some when I say this, but Pikachu. Because a Charmander is a lizard - it has scales. Scales are tougher than mammalian skin, it'd require heavier tickles and more effort to induce hysterics. A few might mention the fur on Pikachu. but fur is easily bypassed.

9) Assuming Pokemon existed IRL, would you tickle one?

Of course!

a) If yes, which ones would it be?

Too many to mention. Charmander, Pikachu, Shinx, Eevee, Bulbasaur, Buizel and Mew would be the main ones.

10) What is your general attitude towards tickling?

Just some playful, innocent fun for the most part. Note that I said most, not all... because tickling is excellent foreplay if your partner enjoys it as well. Aside from that, tickling is a good way to have a bit of fun, and in some circumstances extremely adorable.
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joejohn02 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
I'm most ticklish on my feet
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Mind if I do this?
Lechensko Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Go for it.
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I think it's about time I did this. Now that I have my tickling account, that is.

StaticG0703's Responses-

1: What got you into tickling in the first place?

Unlike most people, I haven't the slightest where my interest came from. It might sound bullshit, and it wasn't like I just woke up with this adoration for it. For the first part of my life, the word didn't perturb me like it does now. I rarely heard it, but it was just another word to me.

Even as a child, I was introverted. I hated people touching me; I could barely stand my parents hugging me without squirming away from them uncomfortably. This need for personal space hasn't really changed that much, discounting my ability to mask it slightly. People knew it and didn't touch me. If they did tickle me, it was so far back in my memory I've forgotten about it (as a toddler, for example).

I've never been good in a social environment. Any friends I may have had, I distanced myself from. I didn't 'hang out' with people (in fact, I would probably have been beaten up if I were at a different school, but the bullying was all mental - make me look gullible, ridiculing me, mocking me on my OCD-like habits). So, obviously, my friends didn't tickle me either.

There are a few events, but they're really terrible and I don't wish to talk about them to the entirety of the people reading this.

2: What do you like and hate about tickling?

It's a universal way to connect and bond with another person, or to nurture love for a sibling or son; in the same way wolf cubs wrestle with one another. It cures depression and brings a happy grin onto somebody's face, embraces the fact that 'laughter is the best medicine'. And let's not forget the immense feeling of superiority when you have somebody at your mercy from a few simple pokes and raspberries. xDD

However, the dark side of it for me is probably repeated in every tickler's mind: misunderstanding or being wrongly betrayed in media. In this era, anybody who hears the word tickling, who doesn't understand its purpose, will likely say it's 'gay' or 'retarded'. People think its only an instrument in sex, and while it might be true for some the rest of us are left with a battered reputation for just liking it in general. Fetishists are automatically rapists and pedofiles for uttering the word in a regular conversation. And it's unfair, because tickling is so much bigger than it. I also don't like the aspect of using it for interrogation purposes, but those mainly apply to RL and not to cartoon-style things.

3:Are you ticklish?

As I said above, I've never found out for myself. Nobody tickles me. I can't tell you.

Guess that adds me to the list of those Barry's itching to tickle the shit out of. =P

a) If so, where?

Well...if there were anywhere, I would have to say my feet. More specifically the arch.

b) If no, do you envy ticklishness?

Though I'm not sure on my own sensitivity, you bet I'm envious! It's great to tickle somebody else, but its even better when you get to enjoy the sensation yourself....when they're friends, of course. xP

4: Who would you like to tickle the most?

Hmm~ There are a few RL, but my opportunity of actually getting to do that is slim. In terms of fictional characters, there are very few of those as well: Miles 'Tails' Prower, Lucas from Earthbound, Tiny Kong, Katara from Last Airbender, Midna and Kirby. I'm not a big tough-guy tickler at all. =)

5: Where is your favourite spot to tickle?

Here it is....the moment of truth, in a way. This is really the first time I've announced it publicly, but friends of mine know it and I think some won't find it surprising.

My favourite of all to tickle is the belly-button.

a) Why?

It's my fetish. The fetish I've had for three years now. The one that led me here to deviantArt, to many of my friends, and to the new aspect of life that I've been keeping to myself for what seems like a very long time. Of course, nobody in my family/friends know about it. But even revealing it to people I will probably never met is better than living in silence, being underestimated~

But yeah, on to why. Ironic that I mentioned underestimation. The belly-button is probably the most overlooked tickling spot there is, and often times the most ticklish. It's also unique; the cut of the umbilical is always different. Everybody's is different; be it in size, shape, or ticklishness. It's in the very centre of the abdomen, on a wall of permanent body fat, and instantly draws the eyes to it; unlike the feet. It isn't as universal as the feet by any manner, but for the people stupid enough to pierce their toes I feel sorry for you. It has three different names. Monks practice the art of 'navel gazing' in hopes that they will be able to gain psychic abilities. And it's the most adorably silly word in the entire dictionary. Think about it. Belly button. Sure, it's a kiddish-like attraction, but I just adore it in every aspect of its nature.
Especially with tickling!!

b) What would be your tickling tool of choice?

Hmm~ Toughie. I'd say my own digits, though. They can change their pressure and speed on a certain spot at will, adjust to wiggling from a target, require no money spent or coincidental stumbling-upon, and can carry all the other tools you might need. It gives a better sense that you are tickling them, and it isn't just them being tickled. Otherwise I'd have to say paintbrush. Two different textures and sensations, and you can make art too!

6: What's the most ticklish implement you can think of?

It really depends on whether somebody's expecting it. If they are, I'd go with a fork. Such a common item in society can be turned into a little devil who makes keeping a straight face least that's what I believe. It has four points, digs deep and hits all the major nerves.
If they aren't expecting it or are blindfolded, the tongue. There's just nothing that can surprise you like it. Sure, raspberries are pretty shocking too. But its the sudden realization, that somebody is covering your body in slimy spit, is off-putting or degrading on its own. Being a muscle though, it's dexterous and wiggles into tight places too. The mental and physical attributes make it more ticklish than, say, a feather of a hairbrush.

7: Does your interest in tickling extend into RL?

No. I wish, but no.

8: Which do you think is more ticklish, Pikachu or Charmander?

In terms of logic and of animé sense, Pikachu. I've never seen Charmander actually tickled in the show, and from a biological stand-point it just makes sense that the scales would protect it from real raucous laughter. In terms of games and imagination on my part, however, Charmander. Since Charmander is an Attacker - and Tickle lowers Attack and Defense, while Pikachu's a Special Attacker -, a first evolution while Pikachu is a second-phase, and; like all the first gen starters, just a guy who tries to look tough but's kinda a softie inside, I can't imagine him holding up. Sure, he might have scales, but if he can't Endure it what's the point? Better get your Focus Sash, Charmy. You might need it~

9: Assuming Pokémon existed IRL, would you tickle one?


a) If so, which ones?

Oh, there are SO many Pokémon I would tickle. The majority, in fact. Some of them are Pikachu, Zorua, Eevee, Ralts, Aipom, Delibird, Oshawott, and Vulpix. Of course, I would let myself be at the mercy of Cinccino, Tangela and Ambipom alike. C8

10: What is your general attitude towards tickling?

Putting aside my implied adoration for it, tickling is one of the best ways to relax and test a person's determination without hurting them. I'd certainly enjoy it more than gym class. It's (usually) harmless fun enjoyed by people of all ages. The ideal way to get to know somebody, and to just let go for once in your life. Because, let's face it, a lot of things about life suck. And tickling makes it all melt right off you.

As disappointingly uninformative that was on the historical front, it was good to do this. Thanks for doing this Barry. =)

Static (CC 15)
BigFootJake Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
you are awesome great quiz
Duskit Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really enjoyed reading your answers on these! :D It was nice to gain a bit more knowledge about it, and learn the history for yourself, too :)
Personally, and you probably remember this when we used to talk when I was younger, I didn't like tickling much until recently. I got a new partner (well, 10 months ago now) who enjoys tickling me just to cheer me up or get me to talk, or whatever. Whenever I'm quiet or sad or stressed, he always pins my arms down and tickles my sides and feet and I swear I love it so much I could cry :XD:
I'd say you're right, in the part that you just don't know until you've had it done to you!
Lechensko Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, awesome. It's always good to have a laugh when you're feeling down. :)
Shinyuu33 Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
1) What got you into tickling in the first place?

Mainly TV shows which included it, cant really remember which ones tough........ That and playing around with my sis as kids, *sigh* I miss those days......

2) What do you like and hate about tickling?

I think it can be fun and cute unless sexualy. When tickling i will only use it when either trying to get information, or play, but i dont like it when you see extreme stuff like getting tickled in.......well i degress.

I think I like tickle pics when they are cute or have short stories behind it, Like a reason or objective or just having fun.

3) Are you ticklish?


a) If yes, whereabouts?
my armpits, my belly, and under my legs....
Mainly if poked i try to protect myself,

b) If no, do you envy ticklishness?

I kinda do envy how i cannot feel ticklish in my feet.....but i degress

4) Who would you like to tickle the most (this can be a fictional character or a real life person)?

Probobly any pokemon, (cute ones, dragons, legendaries "small" etc) Beacuse they are so cute and so full of life, they would probly produce the best reactions kinda like a human would but even cuter since....well...ITS POKEMON YOUR ARGUEMENT IS INVALID!
more detailed i would go for the small legends first due to their rareness, some have telepathy, they have cute short wittle hands and feet so you can focus on the best spots, and even ones without feet or paws still look cute.

5) Where is your favourite place to tickle?

The feet or paws.....

a) Why?

Beacuse for some or most (idk) it is a uber tickle center. Mainly if you are luckily to convince or suprise the ticklee you could get the best reactions and movements. But they are a chalange to reach beacuse people are careful of their feet for the exact reason.

b) What would be your tickling tool of choice?

My fingers or maybe a feather (depends what i have) The fingers can be controled and have better preformance than feathers, but feathers can apply (for some) a more rapid reaction, for fingers it could take a while for someone to burst into laughter, a feather can send them laughing in minutes.

6) What is the most ticklish implement you can think of?
your arms, so if the person is willing or if the element of suprize is on your side, than an arm can keep you at it for a while.

7) Does your interest in tickling extend to RL?

Yea, sometimes i will tickle my sis to play arround, and thats mostly it,

8) Which Pokemon do you think is most ticklish, Charmander or Pikachu?

Well pikachu as the most ticklish but for me tickling is fun when it puts up a chalange, a charmander could hold it out for a while but it's like defeating a game boss it can be so rewarding more in the end.

9) Assuming Pokemon existed IRL, would you tickle one? question 4

a) If yes, which ones would it be?

too many to count.

10) What is your general attitude towards tickling?

Fun and all in good fun if used right, overall it depends on all of us.

Thanks for making this quiz it was fun to do!
Ruby-Cay Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
tickling is alright if its done right like not to ruff jeez I like to play wrestle more though but only cause im sort of a attention addict....
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